Why Every Shutterbug Should Be Planning to Visit the Pushkar Fair
Feb 28, 2019
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Why Every Shutterbug Should Be Planning to Visit the Pushkar Fair

Every November when the moon reaches its full phase Rajasthan prepares itself for the annual Pushkar Camel Fair. An exuberant culmination of Rajasthani culture, the fair is held at a larger than life scale attracting over 400,000 devotees from all over India who come to seek pleasure and peace at the Pushkar Lake. They are of course convoyed by thousands of ornamented camels, cows and horses. Simply by the tone of the description, it seems apparently clear that this two-week event is a wonderland for shutterbugs as there’s a lotto capture every day of the fair.

Here are some of the main reasons why every shutterbug should be planning to visit the Pushkar Fair-

Exciting Photography Competitions to Take Part In

The entire fair is overflowed with several photography practicum and competitions that will unquestionably persuade you to take a trip to Pushkar to seize a sight of the greatest camel fair in the globe. The initial version of ‘Frame the Fair’ planned by Rajasthan Tourism board is the big one. Winning it is guaranteed to look amazing on any photographer’s portfolio.Taking part in these competitions is a great way to broaden your horizons both as a traveller and as a photographer as there’s simply too much to experience in these two weeks. Not only will you get to take great images (which is guaranteed to be a gem of an experience in itself) but the added bonus of winning high-tech DSLRs, accessories and cash prizes makes the prospect of photographing this event all the more exciting.

Unforgettable Landscapes, Sunrises and Sunsets

Merely one day at the Pushkar fair is guaranteed to be crammed up with experiences of Rajasthani culture, the garbed-up camels, stunning handicrafts and amazing scenery. Just imagine how much you can immerse yourself into the culture over a week or two.In Pushkar, as soon as the sun starts to set over the main Lake, the desolate town sports a completely new look and assures an inordinate sight of the deserts. Trek to the Savitri Peak and gaze at the tranquil township of Pushkar transforming its colours as the sun sets. Capturing the sunset from Savitri Peak will unquestionably be one of the finest sunset experiences for your camera to capture.

Nothing Exceeds Like Excess at Pushkar

The decorated camels, the prodigious Rajasthani traditions, the handcrafts and the unadulterated Rajasthani Cuisine – perhaps the one major problem with the Pushkar Fair is that there’s simply too much to experience. The fair essentially brings together each component of Rajasthani culture onto one stage. There’s something click-worthy at every corner, so photographers really will be spoilt for choice.

Up Close and Personal with The Camels

The camel owners decorate their camels with various ornaments and jewellery as they participate in the beauty competitions at the Fair. Their labours are undeniably going to acquire you with a massive collection of photos. Where else in the world will you get the chance to capture hundreds of decorated animals?

Street photography at its Finest

Leading Photography Tour arrangers like Photography Tours India (PTI) hold photography-based tours of the fair every year. For aspiring photographers, it is a great chance to work under the guidance of experienced photographers who will help them set up their photography workspaces in the most supportive way possible.

Photography Tours India is essentially a group of travellers and photographers who have loads of experience photographing in Pushkar, so there’s a lot to absorb and discover when operating under our guidance at the Pushkar Camel Fair.

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