Exclusive Secrets to Taking the Best Pictures of Taj Mahal
Mar 12, 2019
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Exclusive Secrets to Taking the Best Pictures of Taj Mahal | Photography Tours India

The Taj Mahal is one of the most romanticized tourist attractions in the world and rightly so. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal was founded as a symbol of love. Needless to say, millions of tourists from around the world visit the monument in Agra every year. However, only a few come out with breathtaking pictures of the monument. So, what is their secret? It’s actually really simple. Here’s a complete guide on how to take the best pictures of the monument, be it a Taj Mahal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot or a basic photography tour-

Explore Different Angles

Discovering the Taj Mahal and appreciating it up close and personal is something everyone should do. But to differentiate the photographs from what others are taking, exploring various angles of the monument is a must. Heading down to the famous Mehtab Bagh park close by is a great idea as it’s one place from where the monument looks extremely stunning.

Situated past the river, at the back of the Taj Mahal, Mehtab Bagh allows photographers to witness the Taj Mahal, far away from the never-ending crowds flooding into the monument. It is a perfect spot for a Taj Mahal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot as the park is tranquil and photographers have the chance of immersing themselves in the beauty of the park, taking as much time as they like with their shots.

Professional providers of Photography Tours in India make sure to bring tourists to the park when the water body is not dried up, giving them a chance to capture different angles of the monument with its beautiful reflection as well.

Pick the Best Time to Visit the Monument

Agra is situated in a dry and subtropical climatic zone with hot and dry climate during summer. Usually, temperature from April-June can reach over 50°C. Tourists may be more susceptible to getting heat strokes and desiccation problems during this time.

A good time to visit Taj Mahal is between the months of July and September when Agra is subjected to the monsoon season, receiving lots of rain. Throughout this period, it might not be possible for shutterbugs to visit the monument because of the restrictions presented by the showery weather; however, the rain puddles do present the chance of capturing some very interesting shots for photographers whenever the monument is open for visits.

The ideal time of the year to visit the Taj Mahal is in winter (October-February). The skies are clear and the weather is perfectly comfortable for visitors. For people planning a Taj Mahal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot this time of the year is the best.

To summarize, photographing the Taj Mahal is really easy. All it takes is groundwork, research, and a clear plan. For first-time visitors and amateurs, it is always advisable to conduct the trip under the guidance of professional providers of Photography Tours in India. There are a lot of such companies who can provide further guidance on photographing the majestic monument.

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