Annual Pushkar Mela – Why This Camel Fair Might Be Exactly What Your Photography Portfolio Needs
Feb 27, 2019
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Annual Pushkar Mela – Why This Camel Fair Might Be Exactly What Your Photography Portfolio Needs

If unique is what your photography portfolio needs, then a fourteen day stop at the world’s biggest congregation of camels and Rajasthani culture at Pushkar is the ideal destination. Apart from the countless options for photography, the annual camel fair held every November in Pushkar during full moon has a lot more to offer.

For photographers who are keen to add a tinge of culture and vibrant diversity to their pictures, here’s exactly what there is to be expected –

The Most Vibrant Town for Fourteen Days

A small Rajasthani town comes to life as over four hundred thousand people from all around the country come to fill up the temples, crowd the narrow streets and offer their devotion and respect at the picturesque Pushkar lake – a lot of opportunity for wide angle shots that encapsulate the buzz of a busy and vivacious group of excited travellers.

Colours Everywhere

The prospect of learning and exploring shooting and photography tropes is immense. Men in radiantly coloured turbans and women in shining sarees- Gorge your eyes and cameras out as far as your eyes can see and observe colour. Literally in similar fashion to the men and women, the camels and the cattle are also decorated in shiny attires and jewellery. There simply is too much to offer at the fair. Be it standard street photography, portrait pictures or group photography – the scope to learn and explore shooting tropes is immense.

Challenging Working Conditions

There’s an abundance of dust and sand in the fair to make your nostril hairs and your eyes aware and occupied at all times. Also, there are thousands of photographers looking into every nook and cranny of the fair taking tens of thousands of pictures of this yearly event. So, with everybody focused and up to the job, the fair offers an amazing experience for aspiring photographers to broaden their horizons in terms of working in challenging work conditions.

Healthy Competition

Media people, reps from stock photo organizations, travel photo journalists, hobby shutterbugs, student snappers, amateurs experimenting with their newly purchased DSLRs – every category of photographer is bound to be there. So, if you visit the fair with the purpose of building relationships, finding meaningful stories and creating amazing photo essays – there’s a lot of healthy competitors out there who you can learn from.

However, at an event where there are over four hundred thousand people, you are bound to come in touch with travellers and photographers who simply view other visitors as objects without any politeness, turbaned kinsmen who demand cash for posing. That is why having a tour of the Pushkar Mela under the wing of an authorised and experienced travel/photography group is highly advisable. Top Photography Tour arrangers like Photography Tours in India (PTI) conduct photography-based excursions of the Mela on a yearly basis. Photography Tours in India is fundamentally a company of New Age travellers and shutterbugs, with a team having immense experience taking pictures in Pushkar.

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